December 2023 Newsletter

We trust that you are all well and if not out flying at the moment are perhaps enjoying some SIM time!

This is a note to you about what the BDRA Committee, sub-groups and Members have been up to over the last couple of months and what you might expect for next year.

There have several Committee meetings held and the direction that the BDRA should take on various matters has been one of the hot topics of debate. We are very aware of the views aired at the AGM and other more quietly spoken grumbles. Proposed adaptions for the ruleset for 2024 are now almost ready to be put to an EGM to ratify these and that will be convened early in the New Year. The hope is that these will satisfy the calls from many members for change but also not upset those that are a supporters of the existing arrangements.

I’m sure that you are all aware of the fantastic achievements of Owen Knight, Joshy Stevens and Saul Irving in the World Championships in Korea. If you do not know what happened then take a look at the BDRA Website.  Where there is a whole page dedicated to what we got up to.

The calendar for next year is starting to form. At the moment, there are two club BQE’s set. The first is at SGDC and will be on the 4th February. The second is Deltahawks at the Moira festival on the weekend of 17th or 18th May.

We have been invited back to Weston Park in 2024. Its some way off but we are already starting to plan the event. The date of Weston Park event is 14th – 16th June.

A few years ago we held an event at BMFA Buckminster sharing the site with a group of Helicopter pilots, it was known as Blades over Buckminster (BOB). We have been asked if we would like to go back this year and have said yes. The format is still being worked upon but if you are interested in coming along you may want to keep the weekend of 26th – 28th July aside.

We have a reservation for our National Champs at Buckminster for the 7th – 8th September. If you are hopeful of getting there, avoid booking anything on those dates.

As in previous years the calendar for the season will be published on iFPV and can be found here.

We expect the next email will be an announcement about the EGM so that will be in the next week or two, but if in the mean time, you have anything to discuss with us then please do get in touch. You can get hold of all of us in one go by using the email address: Committee@BDRA.UK

Have a happy Christmas

The BDRA Committee