About the BDRA

The British Drone Racing Association is a not-for-profit organisation, run by FPV pilots, for FPV pilots. It exists:

  • To promote the sport of FPV multi-rotor racing
  • To protect the sport from elitism and promote a vision of total inclusion regardless of age, gender, ability or financial means
  • To have one set of rules, written by pilots for pilots, that ensure the sport remains safe, challenging and above all fun
  • To help new clubs and groups form by sharing the collective experience and expertise with all who seek it
  • To give all FPV pilots a voice and a chance to shape this exciting sport, guaranteeing its future for many years to come
  • To remain a collective of pilots who drive the sport for the love of the sport

We are recognised as a “Specialist Body” by the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) and we are tasked with promoting and developing the sport of FPV Racing in the UK, which we do in a number of ways:

  • We provide pilots with information and assistance when they want to find a club to join or to setup new ones
  • We offer an affiliated club programme for clubs who want to be part of a wider community of like-minded pilots
  • We provide affiliated clubs with support and equipment when they want to organise races and competitions
  • We listen to the community and value its contribution to the foundations of the sport

We have produced a set of rules through a consultation process that has drawn upon the collective experience of clubs and organisers, and we are working with the BMFA to incorporate them into their rules handbook. We will continue to refine and adapt them as the sport evolves, with the support and feedback of the pilot community.

We strive to protect the interests of British FPV Racers and work with organisations such as BMFA, BDF, OFCOM, CAA and FAI whose activities and decisions can affect our pilots and their capability to compete effectively in international competitions.

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