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The name of the Association will be the British Drone Racing Association (Hereinafter referred to as the BDRA)


The objectives of the Association will be:

a. To promote interest and participation in the sport of Radio Controlled Drone Racing in Great Britain.

b. To promote or support competitions, championships, or other similar events, as considered desirable in the promotion of 2.a above.

c. To be the official united liaison body with other national organisations in matters relating to the development of the sport and promotion of the objectives of 2.a.

d. To further the foregoing objectives by organising such activities and taking other such action as may be deemed appropriate. The BDRA will be non-profit making, non-political, non-sectarian and non-denominational.


a. Membership will be deemed to have started upon receipt of the membership fee by the Treasurer.

b. Individual Members may join directly through the association website by paying the appropriate fee.

c. All paid up members of the BDRA will be eligible to vote at the AGM.

d. The membership fees for each year will be fixed for the following year by 1st December. The fee shall never be increased by more than 20% or £5 whichever is the greater amount.

e. The membership year will be a calendar year from the 1st January. The Treasurer will close his books as at the 31st December in order that a financial statement may be provided for audit, and presentation at the AGM.


a. The Central Council consisting of the following roles as a minimum will carry out the daily administration of the BDRA Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary.

b. The members of the Central Council will be elected at the Annual General Meeting for terms set out below:

i. Chairman: 1 year
ii. Secretary: 2 years
iii. Treasurer: 2 years
iv. Membership Secretary: 1 year

c. A term of office will be deemed to start immediately upon the close of the meeting where they were elected.

d. Only full members may stand for election.

e. Retiring members of the Central Council will be eligible for re-election and it is desirable to arrange, whenever possible, for 100% of the Central Council to be available for re-election each year.

f. The Central Council will have the power to take any action, appoint persons to carry out any required duties, or spend any BDRA monies necessary in pursuance of the objectives of the Association.

g. The Central Council will have the power to co-opt persons to fill casual vacancies therein due to resignations until such times as a General meeting is called.

h. The Central Council will have the power to appoint sub committees responsible to the Central Council for carrying out particular projects in line with the objectives, and to co-opt there to such additional persons as they may think desirable in the circumstances of each case.

i. The quorum for a Central Council meeting is 75% of its membership.

j. The Chairman will preside over General and Central Council Meetings. In his absence, the Chair may be taken by the Secretary, Treasurer or by another member of the council, in that order of priority.

k. The Secretary will keep minutes of General and Central Council Meetings and be responsible for administrative matters with outside bodies. The Secretary will coordinate all BDRA events, or delegate coordination of events to members of the Association.

l. The Treasurer will keep records of all incoming and outgoing from the BDRA funds, and will be responsible for payment of outstanding debts from the BDRA funds, and to provide annual accounts for submission to an accredited auditor and, after audit, to the AGM.

m. The Membership Secretary, will request fees from members and will be responsible for keeping records of member’s numbers, names and addresses and issuing new members with a copy of the BDRA Constitution and contact details for the BDRA Central Council. The Membership Secretary will ensure an up to date membership list with contact addresses is available to the Central Council and others as deemed appropriate.

o. The Public Relations Officer will be responsible for press releases and promotional matters, as agreed by the Central Council.

p. The Safety Director will be responsible for producing a BDRA Flying Event Safety Code and for advising the Central Council on all safety matters, as affecting the BDRA. He will be available in an advisory capacity to non-BDRA event organisers, holding events in Great Britain. The Safety Director will view the conduct of the members from a safety aspect, and advise as appropriate.

q. The Technical Standards Director will responsible for coordinating the Technical Standards sub-committee, who will run the community consultation and ratification process for the proposing, publishing and ongoing evolution of the BDRA Race Rules and Class Specifications. The director will also be responsible for advising the Central Council on all matters regarding technology (including but not limited to timing and spectator information systems).

r. The BMFA Liaison Officer will represent the BDRA at BMFA at all meetings where representation from the BDRA as a Special Interest Group is required. The BMFA Liaison Officer will also liaise with the BMFA, separately, on any technical information, which may affect the BDRA.

s. The Area Secretaries will liaise with groups and clubs within their area and help promote the association at a local level and will also assist with training and advice to local groups and clubs.


a. The Annual General Meeting will be held each year at a venue fixed by the Central Council. The meeting will be advised to all members no later than 30 days before the date of the AGM. The Agenda will contain the following standard Items: Welcome by the Chairman, Acceptance of the Minutes of the Last AGM, Chairman’s Report, Secretary’s Report, Treasurer’s Report, and Arrangements for the Next Meeting. The Agenda will be published fourteen days prior to the AGM.

b. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Central Council, or by 5% of the membership (by written application to the Secretary). If the request is properly made, the Central Council will within 21 days call the meeting for a date not more than 28 days after the date of the notice calling the meeting.

c. The quorum at any General Meeting is 20% representation of the membership. If a quorum is not present, amendments to the constitution cannot be considered. All other business may proceed. Motions at Meetings

d. Motions for amendments to the constitution must be sent in writing to the Secretary, to be received at least six weeks before the AGM, or two weeks before an EGM. The constitution may only be amended at the AGM. or an EGM called for that purpose.

e. Only motions (Agenda Items) for a General Meeting made in writing and received by the Secretary at least two weeks before the General Meeting will be guaranteed to be on the Agenda. Motions raised under “Any Other Business” will be discussed only at the discretion of the Chairman. Voting At Meetings

f. Central Council
i. Each member of the Central Council present will have one vote.
ii. The chairman shall have a casting vote in the event of a tie.

g. General Meetings
i. Each Member will be entitled to vote at Annual General Meetings. Postal or proxy Voting is allowed.
ii. At general Meetings the Chairman will have a casting vote in addition to his own membership vote, if this is being used.


a. The treasurer who will be responsible for advising the Association on all matters affecting the Association’s financial activities will keep proper books of accounts to be held on record for a period of 6 years.

b. All monies received on behalf of the Association will be paid into a bank account in the name of the BDRA at a bank approved by the Central Council.

c. All cheques drawn against the above account will be signed by two of the three office holders of Treasurer, Chairman, or Secretary of the Association.

d. The Central Council must approve all expenditure.

e. All expenditure must be accompanied by receipt. Payment of monies without a receipt will only be at the discretion of the Treasurer who will be responsible to the auditor for ensuring that expense was genuinely incurred.

f. The Auditor for the succeeding year will be appointed at each AGM.

g. All Council Members are eligible for reimbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of the BDRA , subject to prior approval.


a. The BDRA will not be wound up except by resolution carried by majority of two thirds of those present and voting at an EGM called specifically for that purpose.

b. In the event of the BDRA being wound up, all funds of the BDRA, after payment of debts, will be disposed of as determined by that EGM and must be in line with the objects at paragraph 2.