2023 British Qualifying Event (BQE) Applications

The BDRA are now taking applications from race organisers to apply to host qualifying events for the 2023 season. Planned national-level, BDRA ran, events can be seen at the link below – so you may wish to avoid applications for these dates.

Currently approved events, including the National Events, are available at this link: https://bdra.uk/events.

Should you wish to submit an application the online form can be found here: https://bdra.uk/british-championship-qualifying-event-bqe-applications-2023-season/. Please ensure you read the information at the top of the form before submitting.

NOTE: We will have a stand-still period of 14 days from today (8th January) where applications can be lodged from all interested organisers for up to 2 events. Once these 14 days have passed we will review all applications and deal with any clashes.

Due to this organisers should not expect a response to their application until w/c 23rd January 2023.

Any questions, as always, please email secretary@bdra.uk or use the Contact Form and a member of the BDRA committee will pick up and respond ASAP.