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For any competitors who have been asking what frequency scheme and power output they will need for Queen’s Cup, we will be running Raceband at 25mW MAXIMUM.
Equipment will be checked during registration on the day.
The full set of construction rules will be in the Pilot Pack, which will be published after registration closes on Friday.

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RotorRacingWe’re pleased to announce that Rotor-Racing is now an affiliated club of the BFPVRA!

They’re based around West London area (they call Little Harlington MFC their home), and have organised a raft of well known events.

It’s great to have them on board. As an affiliated club, they are now eligible to run Qualifying Events for the British Championship series. More importantly, they are always happy to help other affiliated clubs with their experience and expertise so get signed up and get in on some action!

“Rotor-Racing is proud to affiliate with the BFPVRA in support of their vision for the sport of FPV/drone racing. We recognise that we both share similar values; to discover and develop the sport at all levels from grassroots to international competition. We believe that with support and representation from the association, the future looks fast, fun and exciting for all of our pilots!” – Craig Leong, Rotor-Racing.

You can find out more about them over at Order Tramadol Online Prescription

Tramadol Bulario Anvisa

The BFPVRA alongside the BMFA has been awarded the prestigious “Queen’s Air Race Challenge Cup” for 2016 by the Royal Aero Club for an FPV competition.

The event will be held at Popham Airfield on the 30/31st July in association with the BMFA as part of their DroneAware campaign. This is a one-time opportunity to compete in an FPV race for the coveted Queen’s Cup.

The race will count as a Qualifying Event as part of the British Championship series. There are also 2 qualifying positions up for grabs for the World Championships being held in Hawaii in October.

We’re looking for the best pilots in the UK to attend and compete. There are 60 pilot slots.

You can signup for the event here: Can U Get Tramadol Online