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A New BFPVRA Committee

by Karl Eze

Following the BFPVRA Annual General Meeting held at BMFA Buckminster on Saturday the 21st October 2017,  a new committee have been voted in:

Chairman – Richard Bloxam

Secretary – Karl Eze

Treasurer – Richard Rowland

Membership Secretary – Adam Mackrory

Richard Bloxam and Karl Eze, both of whom competed in this year’s British Championship are new into the BFPVRA committee, with Richard Rowland staying on as Treasurer and Adam Mackrory formalising his role within the organisation. Additional supporting positions will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

The new committee members would like to take the opportunity to thank their predecessors and the association’s membership.  Through the hard work that has gone into the association and community from all those who participate, the British FPV community continues to be a vibrant and innovative scene; supporting some of the best drone racing talent in the world.

Now looking forward to the next year of racing, once bedded in the committee will articulate their vision.   Over the next month there will be a period of consultation with the membership in several key areas, that will assist in shaping the core business of the BFPVRA; providing first rate grassroots FPV racing.  Additionally, the sport will continue to grow, the committee will assure that British Racing is at the forefront of the international community.

Watch this space for a meet and greet with the new team.

Luke Bannister wins the British Championships

by Karl Eze

Richard Rowland (BFPVRA) presenting the winner’s trophy to Luke Bannister; photograph courtesy of Julian Whitfield.

The British FPV Racing Association hosted the British Championships at BMFA Buckminster on the 21st and 22nd of October 2017.  60 competitors from across the United Kingdom raced in testing condition, to vie for the British Drone Racing crown.  The culmination of this years racing season, that has seen over one hundred of the top FPV racers qualify from multiple BFPVRA qualifying events up and down the nation. FPV racing is going from strength to strength and the quality and skill of the competitors continues to improve.

Following two days of qualifying that seeded competitors into ten finals of six racers, Luke Bannister (BanniUK) won the British Championships for the second year.  Congratulations to him on an outstanding performance; with a further congratulations to Leo Whitfield (LeoFPV) for attaining second place and Lee Underwood (FPV Lee) for third place.

To follow more of the event, check out the BFPVRA Official Facebook Page; the detailed breakdown of results and final standings.

2017 BFPVRA British Championship

by Eric Li-Koo

We have been busy organising the various aspects of the 2017 Championship and there is still plenty left to do.

The venue has been booked and confirmed, and sponsors have been signing up to support the event through trade stands, track elements, food vendors and the usual marketing opportunities.

Invitations were sent out earlier today (check your inboxes!) to the top 60 qualifiers, and as soon as we get responses from those who do not want to compete, we’ll offer the places to the next pilots in the list.

Even if you don’t make it to the top 60, you’re welcome to come and watch. We will also be running an indoor Tiny Whoop mini-competition and the team from 3D Champs will be running a 3D heli fun fly there, making the weekend a full-on rotor-fest.

Hope to see you there!

BFPVRA Annual General Meeting

by AGM

The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the British FPV Racing Association will be held as follows:

Date: 21st October 2017
Time: 19:30 PM
Venue: BMFA Buckminster, Sewstern, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG33 5RW

– Welcome and introduction
– Review/accept the minutes of the previous AGM (link below)
– Financial Report
– Proposals presented to Committee for inclusion at the AGM
– Election of Central Council members
– Break as votes are counted and new Committee announced
– Decide date of next AGM
– Close
– Q&A with the new Committee for those who want to stay

Notices have been sent to all members via your registered email addresses. Please check your inboxes for more details.

BFPVRA Committee

Northern Drone Racing League

by Eric Li-Koo
Northern Drone Racing League

BFPVRA recognises that running races is not easy, and we applaud the efforts of all clubs who contribute their time and effort to make races happen. In particular, we would like to acknowledge 5 of our affiliated clubs in the north of England who have joined forces to form the Northern Drone Racing League.

These clubs have agreed a relaxed version of the BFPVRA rules for their league that should make racing more accessible to club racers whilst still being fair and consistent. They will be running a series of events starting with the season opener at Wild Grove Farm in Pudsey, West Yorkshire on May 28 – check out the iFPV calendar for their other events here.

In recognition for the time and effort they have put in to organise this league, which is definitely something we would like to encourage as a way to grow the sport organically, we have reserved 3 places at this year’s British Championship for the overall winners. We hope this encourages more clubs to do the same and that we can combine what we learn from NDRL with an even more structured approach to regional racing next year!

Thanks again to Blackburn & District model aircraft club (BDMAC), Drone Racing Events, Drinkwater Park Raceway, Hull FPV and West Yorkshire FPV for pushing our sport forward!

Thank you and farewell,

by Richard Rowland

Our chairman, Thomas Greer, has had to stand down effective immediately. We would like to thank Thomas for all his work with the committee and wish him the best of luck.

An AGM will be called imminently to elect a new Chairman.

In the mean time we have appointed an interim Chairman, Brett Collis.

If you would like to offer your help and be part of the committee or a volunteer then please let us know.


In other news…

by Eric Li-Koo

A number of the core committee have had to stand down for personal reasons. We have temporarily back-filled these roles with volunteers from the current extended committee. The committee is now as follows (NC = no change)

Chairman: Thomas Greer (NC)
Treasurer: Richard Rowland
Secretary: Eric Li-Koo (NC)
Membership Secretary: Craig Leong
PR officer: Andrew Hyams

As per the other post, there are still a number of open positions to be filled if you would like to contribute towards the running of the association.

Lastly, the forum has been getting almost no useful traffic, so we have taken the decision to shut it down. If there’s anything in particular that you would like to keep then please grab it now, otherwise it will be decommissioned when we next get round to it.

The Facebook page will be our main point of contact from now onwards.

We need your help!

by Eric Li-Koo

As the official FPV racing association for UK racers, we have to wear many hats (please see our about page for our complete mission statement) but doing so requires many heads.

We achieved a great many things in 2016 but we have much to improve upon for 2017 and beyond. We are now asking for your assistance, so that we can continue to be all that we can be for the UK FPV community.

First and foremost, we urge pilots to show your support for the sport and for what we are trying to achieve by renewing your memberships for 2017. We invested massively in equipment last year, all of which is now available to affiliated clubs for running their own events.

Secondly, we recognise that we need more volunteers to help us with our duties in order to fulfil the ambitions of the association, to the extent that we are now looking for volunteers to help us with:

  • Events liaison – liaising with event organisers, supporting them with planning events and maintaining the events calendar
  • Equipment manager – responding to equipment requests, managing the equipment itself
  • Club liaison – supporting and encouraging the growth of new clubs, maintaining the club map

We are also always in need of contributions to the website, and ambassadors for our sport who can attend local events and represent the safe, clean, fun side of drones.

Some of these roles can be held by more than one person, to spread the workload. If you’re interested in giving something back to the sport and the community then please get in touch by replying here or via secretary@bfpvra.org. Don’t forget to state which role you would like to help with!


The BFPVRA committee.

EASA ‘Prototype’ Commission Regulation on Unmanned Aircraft Operations

by Eric Li-Koo

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have noticed the headlines about EASA’s intentions to regulate the use of drones, and the subsequent petitions, video responses and open letters that warn us of the consequences of inaction, which have ranged from “end of the road for our sport/hobby” to “death of the UK and European drone industry”!

The BFPVRA has been liaising with the BMFA on this, who has in turn been working with the CAA and EAS since before the prototype regulations were proposed in August. We suggested that we put out an official announcement to clarify what the prototype rules mean to us as modellers, what has been done to address our concerns (especially around the contentious Article 15) and what the official recommendation to our members should be.

In summary:

  • Dave Phipps (BMFA Chief Executive) has been working on this for the past year and is continuing to do so, but if you want to contribute then please email UASPrototypeRule@easa.europa.eu directly with your concerns.
  • Writing to MPs and MEPs is somewhat premature at this stage (unless they sit on the TRAN committee, and those who do have already got the message). Likewise with the various petitions.
  • Raising awareness of the issue is important, but please stay civil and avoid inflammatory language as we want to be taken seriously!