We have consulted with the pilot community to produce a set of rules that fulfil the following objectives:

  • To define the format for the British Championship that encourages our domestic talent to compete for the title of British Champion
  • To define a fair and consistent racing format for sanctioned Qualifying Events
  • To define a fair and consistent ranking method for maintaining a national pilot rankings table
  • To encourage more pilots to participate in racing at all levels and to prepare them for the kind of racing that is expected at higher levels of competition
  • To encourage innovation whilst keeping the sport accessible to all

The BDRA will liaise with international governing bodies to ensure that we can continue to be recognised for international competitions, whilst allowing flexibility for British events to innovate and continue to develop racing in the UK.

The BDRA ruleset will continuously evolve and adapt with the sport.

The BDRA rules will apply to the British Championship season finale event and its Qualifying Events only. Clubs and other race organisers may find it beneficial to familiarise their members with the same format that will be used at higher level competitions but are not required to do so.

A copy of the rules can be obtained Order Tramadol Cod Next Day Delivery