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Once again thank you for all the nominations for the Scottish Secretary of the BFPVRA. We have 2 nominees standing for the position. Your choices are either Ian Petrie or Gavin Syme.

We are accepting votes from the members of the Scottish drone racing community, to be eligible to vote you must be a member of one of the Scottish fpv/drone racing groups on facebook.

You will need to format your email like the example below :

I <your name>, from <facebook group name> wish to vote for <your chosen nominee name> to be the Scottish Secretary of the BFPVRA.

All nominations need to be sent to our temporary email address Tramadol Cheapest Online before the 25th October 2018. We will confirm receipt of your vote.

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Having reviewed the points system used for the 2018 season we would now like to introduce our proposals for a new points strategy to be used for 2019. During the last season points were awarded based on how many pilots you beat at an event. If you went to a 36 pilot event you could score 36 points by coming 1st, if you went to Weston Park you could score 66 points due to the amount of pilots competing. This means for those that couldn’t attend or who did attend but didn’t do particularly well at a larger capacity event would always remain out of reach of the top positions of the British Championship Qualifying Event Leaderboard. The new proposed system still recognises that pilots must still be rewarded at the larger events but not by so much that it puts the top pilots out of reach for the whole season.

With the new points system LESS points is better. The pilot with the lowest score will be at the top of the British Championship Qualifying Event Leaderboard. The new points system is still going to be based on the results from your best 3 ‘British Championship Qualifying Events’. If you do not attend 3 qualifying events for the 2019 season you will be awarded the maximum 100 points for each. The formula for working out the amount of points you earn at an event is :


a = your position
b = the amount of competitors

Then we round the sum to the nearest 0.5

So for example if you came 6th from 36 pilots : (6×100)/36 = 16.5

This formula works regardless of how many competitors are at the event, to see a points spreadsheet for the most common pilot numbers then please look at this Order Tramadol Online Prescription


Both pilots and race organisers do not have to worry about the maths as this will be calculated for you by us when we are adding your ‘Qualifying Event’ data to the new official British Championship Qualifying Event Leaderboard.

We welcome any comments and feedback for these new proposals either through our facebook page or by emailing Tramadol Bulario Anvisa


Rx Tramadol Online

Due to an unknown issue with our email it has become apparent that at least one nomination was never received. This email has been verified as sent over a week ago to the correct address.
For this reason we now have at least 2 willing nominees for the position of Scottish secretary, Ian Petrie and Gavin Syme so a vote will be required, however we will allow a period of 48 hours for any further ‘missing’ nominations to come forward before the voting begins.
We have set up a temporary email address to use Tramadol Cheapest Online and you can also message us though the facebook page. If you previously nominated someone other than Ian or Gavin before the official nominations closed then please let us know before the weekend is over.

Cheap Tramadol

As a continued effort to keep you all up to date on what is happening and the work that the committee is doing I will be aiming to do regular updates for you all to ask questions on and give your opinions on what you would like to see happen.

In the past week since the AGM, the new committee has been busy sorting all the admin work that needs doing before anything else can happen. Everyone has been given access to their email address, so they can be contacted directly, (chairman@bfpvra.org treasurer@bfpvra.org Purchase Tramadol With Mastercard and Order Cheap Tramadol Online) the forms to change ownership of bank and Paypal have been sent off and the new committee all have been given access to the associations FaceBook page and website.

The committee has gone through the constitution and suggested some needed updates. The proposed changes will be sent out to our members soon for review and feedback. With the aim of calling an EGM before the end of the year to make any needed changes.

To improve relationships and expand the knowledge that the BFPVRA has, the committee has reached out to our friends in Scotland asking for nominations to get a Scottish Secretary on board the committee. A vote will be held later this month.

The points system used to rank pilots in the British Championship qualifying events has been reviewed to see if there is a fairer way to allocate points. The aim is to make the gap at the top of the table closer, so it is more competitive and a pilot can not run away by just winning a single big event. The proposed changes will be available soon for feedback and comments. Along side this change there will also be an Official British Championship leader board hosted on the association’s website displaying only members current qualifying score.

Lee has written an article about the 2018 British Championship for the CLEAPSS Futureminds e-magazine that gets circulated around 23,500 schools. Hopefully this will raise awareness and spike the interest of the next generation of racing pilots. (previous editions can be found here: https://dt.cleapss.org.uk/Resources/FutureMinds/)

There has been lots of discussion about the committee’s mandate and the best way to move things forward. With such a big task and great aspirations, it will be a slow process. I will update you all as things happen and the committee will always be interested in your opinions and feedback.





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Tramadol Online Rx

Congratulations to all 59 participants who competed at the British Championships of 2018 at BMFA Buckminster. Here are the following national standings for this year, results are based on Finals for All, with the top 6 finalists competing in a 3-race final.  A massive congratulations to our new UK Champion Leo Whitfield who performed superbly all day and took home the win, as well as being the top qualifier and completing the most laps.

Here’s the complete finishing order.

1st Leo Whitfield
2nd Chris  Knight
3rd Matthew  Evans
4th Rob Saxton
5th Jonathan Rogers
6th Adam Gooch
7th Alfie Mitchell
8th Daniel Peters
9th Harry Holmes
10th Matt Brimfield
11th Karl Payne
12th Christopher Grimes
13th Jake Foreman
14th Marc  Booth
15th James Bowles
16th Alex Kubrak
17th Ben Williamson
18th Ali Barratt
19th Joe Wade
20th Luke Kirkham
21st Sean Walpole
22nd Jacob Blakemore
23rd Elliot Naseby
24th Bash Hussain
25th Rik Leigh
26th Oliver Peters
27th Tom Scott
28th Nicholas Gomez
29th Daniel Pingstone
30th Phil Brown
31st Kelsey Hunt
32nd Warren Jeffs
33rd Simon White
34th Richard Green
35th Lui Evans
36th Jonathan Timms
37th Paul Loannou
38th Joe Meehan
39th Richard Bloxam
40th Anthony Harte
41st Matthew Feast
42nd Will Mortimer
43rd Richard Norris
44th Dave Palmer
45th Steve Looker
46th William Annison
47th David Allen
48th Brian Barrett
49th Chris Grant
50th Ben Drew
51st Lee Robinson
52nd Kevin Whelan
53rd Steve Rhodes
54th Chris Morley
55th Joshua McClure
56th Matthew  Stubbs
57th Rhys Barber
58th Alex Long
59th Martin Price


Image may contain: Chris Knight, Leo Whitfield and Matthew Evans, people smiling, people standing

We hope you’ll join us next year, good luck and get practicing!

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The BFPVRA committee believes that working closely with other leagues and organisations is vital in seeing the growth of drone racing throughout the UK. We feel that by working together we can achieve far more than working apart.

We are seeking a representative from the Scottish drone racing community to come onboard as a member of the subcommittee to help us build a relationship with the Scottish race organisers and pilots. The Scottish Secretary will represent the community in decisions made regarding the rules and regulations for drone racing and encourage and assist race organisers to run events with “Qualifying Event” status with the aim of giving Scottish pilots another route in to the British Championship alongside the Scottish Nationals.

If you would like to nominate someone to be the Scottish Secretary, then please email your nomination to chairman@bfpvra.org by Oct 10th, 2018. Once all nominations are collected we will open voting to the Scottish pilots to choose who they would like to represent them.

Cheap Tramadol Mastercard

Following the BFPVRA Annual General Meeting held at BMFA Buckminster on Saturday the 22nd September 2018, a new committee have been voted in:

Chairman – Benjamin Blackburn
Secretary – Julian Whitfield
Treasurer – Lee Robinson
Membership Secretary – Matthew Evans

Additional supporting positions will be

Technical Standards Director – Eric Li-Koo
Public Relations : Richard Rowland
BMFA Liaison Officer – Christopher Morley

The new committee members would like to take the opportunity to thank their predecessors for all the hard work that has gone into the association over the last 12 months

We have some great ideas and are looking forward to putting these into action over the course of the next few weeks & months.

Tramadol Online Price


An opportunity to hold a high-profile, spectated, media produced, British Championship final in a football stadium has presented itself. The BFPVRA committee is keen that members have their input into a decision that will affect them.

This background info is released here and via email. However, a survey email will go out on Sunday 18th February 2018 at 6pm to all current 2018 BFPVRA members only, to have their say.

This will give anyone who’s membership has currently expired an opportunity to register ahead of the email release. If you miss the initial members email release, the onus will be on you to get in touch with the committee (after registering) and ask it to be email to you.

Voting will close on Wednesday 21st February 2018 at 8am.

The link below gives information about the vote:

Tramadol Cheap