British Championship event registration

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Raceband 1 (5658MHz)
Raceband 2 (5695MHz)
Raceband 3 (5732MHz)
Raceband 4 (5769MHz)
Raceband 5 (5806MHz)
Raceband 6 (5843MHz)
Raceband 7 (5880MHz)
Raceband 8 (5917MHz)

Tick here if you require a loan transponder (£5 hire fee plus cash deposit applies) or enter your personal transponder ID below:

By registering for this event you are accepting the terms and conditions of entry as detailed on this page.

The British Championship is an open contest, with priority entry for association members who have competed in Qualifying Events.

Invitations have been sent to all qualifying members based on the National Ranking table, and those of you who have accepted your places are now invited to complete the registration form to confirm your entry.

The contest will be held during the Festival of Flight Spectacular at Ragley Hall, and as such there will be a full programme of flying events running concurrently to ours as well as a trade show and an assortment of family-friendly entertainment.

Entry Fee

The cost of entry (which includes admission and camping for all occupants sharing your vehicle) will be £30, plus a rebate of £20 that will be returned to you upon check-in at the event. This is in line with all competition pilots at the event and incorporates a significant discount on the regular combined show pass and camping fee.

The registration form to the right also captures essential information required for us to run the event smoothly, and payment will be handled by PayPal. Your PayPal receipt will be your confirmation of registration, but be aware that any incomplete registrations will be rejected and your fee will be refunded.

NB: If you have only signed up in the last couple of weeks and you haven't yet received your BFPVRA Membership ID then please enter 000 and make sure that you use the EXACT SAME name as your membership application. If we cannot match your registration to an entry in the membership database then your registration may get rejected.

Event Information

A pilot pack will be issued to all competitors in the coming weeks, which will re-iterate the construction and competition rules. A separate pilot briefing will be held on day one of the event once checked-in is complete, but is not intended to replace the important information contained within the pilot pack.

Insurance, failsafes, VTx output power, frequencies and transponders will all be checked during check-in, so please be ready as soon as you arrive with props and antennas removed for inspection. Please note also that we are using the Raceband frequency scheme exclusively for this event.

Due to a significant number of transponders being damaged in recent events we only have a VERY limited number remaining available for loan. These will be available on a strictly "you break it, you bought it" basis, as the cost of replacing them is too high for even a nominal loan fee to cover - we will contact you once we have exact numbers to confirm your loan transponder and we will accept hire fees and a cash deposit on the day.

We are also hoping to organise a group-buy for original I-Lap transponders for any pilots who are interested in owning their own personal transponder. These are a good investment for those who race regularly at events that use the I-Lap system. Please contact us if you are interested in joining this group-buy.

Cancellation & Refunds

We appreciate that unexpected things happen. If for any reason you cannot attend the event then please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can notify the next in line to take your place.

Please note that due to the eligibility criteria for the event, registrations are NOT transferable.

If we do not receive sufficient notice and the spot cannot be filled, then we may not be able to refund your registration fee. Depending on the payment method used, all refunds may be subject to PayPal fees.