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 Ray Smith

December Update

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The committee would like to wish you all a ‘Happy New Year’, and we look forward to making the 2019 race season the best the UK has ever seen. You can sign up or renew your BDRA membership here.

The migration over to the new site was a slow process but is finally complete, you can find all the committee’s new email address’ on the committee page.

You may have seen a post that the association has purchased an ImmersionRC LapRF system for clubs to borrow. The committee hopes this will improve the standard of races in the UK for clubs that don’t have a LapRF, and those clubs already using LapRF can borrow the timer to add in split timings for their events if they wish to.

As part of our ongoing efforts to promote drone racing in the UK, Lee Robinson (BDRA Treasurer) wrote an article for DroneUser Magazine. Online copies of the magazine can be found at droneuser.co.uk and a printed version will be available in all good newsagents from Feb 7th 2019.

The recent applications for both ‘National’ and ‘Regional Qualifying Events’ have been reviewed and approved, so check out the Lexapro 10 mg coupons to see all the events being put on for you in 2019. We have never had so many events planned this far in advance.

Plans are starting to be made for the 2019 British Championship, with a date near the end of September currently penciled in. This means we will need to cut off qualifying near the end of August to give us time to form the pilot list and send out invites. This date may change if we can find a suitable indoor location to hold the Championship. If anyone has any suggestions, then please let a member of the committee know.

Again, we hope you all have a happy new year, and look forward to seeing you at an event soon.

November Update

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The committee would like to say a huge thank you to all our members that attended the EGM last month. There was an overwhelming majority vote to accept the proposed changes to the constitution and we are now officially the British Drone Racing Association (BDRA). Thank you all for your continued support.

The associations Facebook page has already had its name changed, and we have purchased a new domain name. There will be a small transition period as we transfer the website over to the new domain and make a few improvements.

Work has started on the Club Map, to bring it up to date and make it easier for people to find and contact existing clubs. If you are already on the club map, then please check your emails and confirm we have the correct contact information for your club. If you would like to have your club added to the map, then please get in touch with Matthew at membership@bfpvra.org

It has been decided there will be no increase in membership fees, keeping them at £10 for the year. We will be accepting 2019 memberships from December 1st and are working on systems to make it clearer to members whether they have already renewed or not. The option for auto renewal will also be reintroduced for those that want to use it.

Along side keeping the fees the same, the committee is also working on adding more value to the membership by working with some of the leading commercial entities for exclusive member discounts. We are already in discussion with some of the UKs best to bring our members the top deals for 2019. If you are a retailer and would like to work with the BDRA then please get in touch. Members will also receive a discount at all BC qualifying events and regional series, as well as any events ran by the BDRA.

Thank you to all the race organisers that have applied to host qualifying events and regional series for the 2019 British Championship. They have now all been reviewed, and emails have been sent out to you. So please check your mail box and get in touch if you need anything. There are still more spaces available so please get in touch if you would like to host a qualifier this season.

Finally, we have applied to hold our very own FAI F9U World Cup event as a part of the BMFA Nationals in August next year. If accepted this will give a great opportunity to UK pilots to qualify at home and be a part of the 2019 FAI F9U World Championship Finale to be held once again in China. Whilst we wait for the application to be processed by the FAI our Technical Standards Director (Eric LI-Koo) is busy finalising the team selection process wording which will become a part of the BMFA handbook. As soon as we have more news on this, we will let you know. Fingers crossed that team GB will be represented on the world stage in 2019.




EGM Reminder

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Just a reminder that an EGM is being held on Sunday 18th November 2019 at 8pm to vote on accepting the proposed changes to the constitution. As well as hold a short Q & A on the changes to the new 2019 rules.

The meeting will be held on line via a video stream and discord server. Invites will be emailed out to all members during the day on Sunday, if you have not received your invite by 2pm on Sunday then please get in touch with a member of the committee.

If you can not attend then please email your vote “for” or “against” to chairman@bfpvra.org by midday on Sunday 18th November, in the following format:

I <Your Name>, BFPVRA member number <Your Number> wish to vote <FOR/AGAINST> the proposed changes to the constitution.

You can find the new proposed constitution here and the current constitution can be found here.

British Championship Qualifying Events and Regional Series.

If you are looking to host a qualifier to the 2019 British Championship you will need to fill in the application form to apply for either a Qualifying Event or a Regional Series. Both application forms can be found on our website.

Qualifying Event Application or Regional Series Application

If you have any questions then please get in touch with a member of the committee and they will be happy to help out.

October update

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The committee has been continuing the essential work to ensure we are in position to have a great 2019 season. You should now have received the proposed changes for the constitution and 2019 rules for review and feedback. We are always happy to hear your opinions and answer any questions, so do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the committee if you have any.

The EGM is scheduled for 18th November 2019 at 8pm. It will be held online so our members can attend with ease all over the country. Details on how to attend, and how to vote if you can not attend will be sent out to all members soon.

Also, the new scoring system that is going to be used was published this month. The committee believes it will make the season more competitive and fairer, while still rewarding pilots for doing well at larger events. If you have any questions regarding the points system, please get in touch.

Gavin Syme has been elected as the Scottish Secretary and is the newest member of the committee. Gavin is a great asset to the team and will help us build the relationships with our Scottish pilots.

Discussions have started regarding the 2019 British Championship. Topics such as venues, dates and pilot numbers are all being discussed. Do we want less pilots at the BC? Do we want to bring the BC earlier in the year to try and reduce the weather risk? Do we want to move to an indoor venue to mitigate the weather altogether? As always, your thoughts an opinions matter to us so let us know what you think.

Discussions with the FAI are moving forwards and we had two pilots accepted to attend the World Championship currently being held in Shenzen. Unfortunately, due to the time constraints the pilots were not able to make it. Now communications are open we will be doing everything we can to make sure that TeamGB get to represent at next years event. So watch this space.

Finally, Will Annison has joined the committee as Event Safety and Technical Director. We are very happy to have Will support the association with his experience and knowledge and believe he will bring lots of value and support for all of the race directors. Making races better for all involved.

Proposed Constitution/Rules & EGM Announcement

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Please find linked below the proposed changes for both the BFPVRA Constitution and 2019 Rules.

It would be great to hear your feedback and thoughts on the proposed changes.

The committee will be holding an EGM on Sunday 18/11/2019 at 20:00, to vote in the acceptance of these changes to the constitution and discuss amendments to rules. Members will be able to attend the meeting electronically via a video stream and chat, Full instruction will be given. If you cannot attend the meeting you will be able to vote either for or against the changes via email. The link to vote and attend the meetings will be emailed out to our members only, so if you wish to have your say on the future of drone racing in the UK then please make sure you are a current member here.

If members have any other items they wish to be discussed at the EGM then please email them to richard@bfpvra.org by November 4th.

Proposed Constition – CLICK HERE

Proposed Rules – CLICK HERE

Record of Amendments for both – CLICK HERE

Link to folder containing existing documents – CLICK HERE

Monthly Update

As a continued effort to keep you all up to date on what is happening and the work that the committee is doing I will be aiming to do regular updates for you all to ask questions on and give your opinions on what you would like to see happen.

In the past week since the AGM, the new committee has been busy sorting all the admin work that needs doing before anything else can happen. Everyone has been given access to their email address, so they can be contacted directly, (chairman@bfpvra.org treasurer@bfpvra.org secretary@bfpvra.org and membership@bfpvra.org) the forms to change ownership of bank and Paypal have been sent off and the new committee all have been given access to the associations FaceBook page and website.

The committee has gone through the constitution and suggested some needed updates. The proposed changes will be sent out to our members soon for review and feedback. With the aim of calling an EGM before the end of the year to make any needed changes.

To improve relationships and expand the knowledge that the BFPVRA has, the committee has reached out to our friends in Scotland asking for nominations to get a Scottish Secretary on board the committee. A vote will be held later this month.

The points system used to rank pilots in the British Championship qualifying events has been reviewed to see if there is a fairer way to allocate points. The aim is to make the gap at the top of the table closer, so it is more competitive and a pilot can not run away by just winning a single big event. The proposed changes will be available soon for feedback and comments. Along side this change there will also be an Official British Championship leader board hosted on the association’s website displaying only members current qualifying score.

Lee has written an article about the 2018 British Championship for the CLEAPSS Futureminds e-magazine that gets circulated around 23,500 schools. Hopefully this will raise awareness and spike the interest of the next generation of racing pilots. (previous editions can be found here: https://dt.cleapss.org.uk/Resources/FutureMinds/)

There has been lots of discussion about the committee’s mandate and the best way to move things forward. With such a big task and great aspirations, it will be a slow process. I will update you all as things happen and the committee will always be interested in your opinions and feedback.





Scottish Secretary

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The BFPVRA committee believes that working closely with other leagues and organisations is vital in seeing the growth of drone racing throughout the UK. We feel that by working together we can achieve far more than working apart.

We are seeking a representative from the Scottish drone racing community to come onboard as a member of the subcommittee to help us build a relationship with the Scottish race organisers and pilots. The Scottish Secretary will represent the community in decisions made regarding the rules and regulations for drone racing and encourage and assist race organisers to run events with “Qualifying Event” status with the aim of giving Scottish pilots another route in to the British Championship alongside the Scottish Nationals.

If you would like to nominate someone to be the Scottish Secretary, then please email your nomination to chairman@bfpvra.org by Oct 10th, 2018. Once all nominations are collected we will open voting to the Scottish pilots to choose who they would like to represent them.

Thank you and farewell,

Maxitrol buy online

Our chairman, Thomas Greer, has had to stand down effective immediately. We would like to thank Thomas for all his work with the committee and wish him the best of luck.

An AGM will be called imminently to elect a new Chairman.

In the mean time we have appointed an interim Chairman, Brett Collis.

If you would like to offer your help and be part of the committee or a volunteer then please let us know.