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BDRA Team Selection -Weston Park – 18th-20th June 2021 – Key Points

by Jamie Cole

Team Selection Information

The ‘Weston Park – Model and Camping Air Event’, running from the 18th-20th June 2021, will be the 2nd of 3 ‘BDRA Team’ selection events. The qualification points from these events will be used to put together a team to represent the UK.

Clarification of key points given in advance

‘BDRA Team’ qualification will take place over 1 stage (the qualification portion of the event) there will be at least 8 qualifying rounds and for BDRA team qualification a pilot’s best 3 rounds will be used to determine their qualifying position.

Qualification format will be based on the number of laps completed in the fastest time. Rounds will last for 2 minutes, 30 seconds will be given to pilots to complete their last lap. Pilots completing the same number of laps will be ranked on the time taken to complete those laps.

The track layout will be kept secret before the event, it will include standard race features plus a dive gate. The track will be approximately 300m long.