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Menace RC Discount Code

by Benjamin Blackburn

BDRA Members, your Menace RC discount code has been emailed to you, as we have changed website address and email addresses there is a good chance this email has been directed to your junk/spam folder so please check and add the email address as a trusted sender.


Menace RC have awarded BDRA members a 10% discount code for use when purchasing any products from the Menace website https://menacerc.co.uk/

If you are not already a BDRA member then you can sign up here


Not only will you be eligible for discounted entry to BDRA sanctioned ‘British Championship Qualifying Events’ at both National & Regional level but you will also be entitled to discounts and promotions with our partners. Once a member you will also be able to earn points on the official national and regional leaderboards which hopefully will earn you an invite to participate in the end of year championship race.

Membership for 2019

by Benjamin Blackburn
Don’t miss out on what will be an amazing 2019 season for ‘British Drone Racing’ whether you need to renew your current membership or perhaps you are new to the BDRA then there has never been a better time to sign up. Membership is only £10 for the entire year and gives some amazing benefits as listed. Don’t be that pilot that forgets to renew as without being a member not only will you miss out on the discounts but you will also miss out on scoring points towards your British Championship qualification!
*Existing members log in first

ImmersionRC LapRF 8-Way Race Timing

by Benjamin Blackburn

The BDRA ‘LapRF 8-Way’ has arrived! A good timing system is imperative to having a successful race. We have invested in this equipment purely to loan out to affiliated clubs who are hosting race events that have been sanctioned by us as a ‘British Championship’ qualifier, whether that be as a part of the new ‘Regional’ series or  a ‘Qualifying Event’ or ‘QE’. If you are a race organiser hosting a qualifier and want to borrow the LapRF then please just get in touch with Will Annison to arrange.

Menace Partnership

by Benjamin Blackburn

The BDRA values both its members and its supporters, without both we wouldn’t be able to put on events like Weston Park, the British Championship and the upcoming FAI F9U World Cup

We believe that the future of the BDRA is in providing benefits to our members at the same time as enhancing strategic partnerships with current supporters of drone racing in the UK.

One of the manufacturers/retailers that has been supporting the association for several years is Greg Spencer froMenace and we appreciate everything he has done for the association in the past and his sponsorship is truly valued. 

We are now pleased to announce that from starting 1st January 2019 all BDRA Members will now get a 10% discount from all products ordered from https://menacerc.co.uk/shop (Full terms and conditions to follow)

If you are not already a BDRA member you can sign up here www.bdra.uk and membership will run from now till the 31st December 2019. By becoming a member of the BDRA not only will you receive membership benefits such as above but you will also gain discounted entry into Regional and National qualifying events and any event organised by the BDRA. You also need to be a member to qualify for an invitation to the British Championship.

British Championship Qualifying Events

by Benjamin Blackburn

We have updated our events page to include the current list of ‘National’ and ‘Regional’ race events which you could participate in during the 2019 season. Please head over by clicking here.

If you wish to hold a ‘Regional Series’ or ‘National Qualifying Event’ then please complete the relevant application form on the event page (linked above).  As more events are confirmed we will update the list.

Please remember you need to be a BDRA member prior to taking part in any of the events if you wish to accumulate points towards your British Championship qualification. You can sign up to become a BDRA member here.


BDRA Constitution 2019

by Benjamin Blackburn

I personally wanted to thank all the members who participated in the EGM last night at 8pm.

For those that didn’t attend the vote was in favour of the proposed changes and the new constitution has been accepted. You can find a copy of the new constitution here. One of the main constitutional changes was the name change and from this point forward the British FPV Racing Association will be now know as the British Drone Racing Association or the BDRA. We will be changing the web address shortly and will keep you informed when that happens.

We also discussed and answered questions on the proposed rules changes, if there are any objections, suggestion or comments on any of the proposals regarding regions, points and or any other changes then please get in touch as in early December we will be officially publishing the rules for the 2019 season.

Regional Qualifying System

by Benjamin Blackburn

The BDRA wish to introduce a new regional qualifying system for the 2019 season, this regional system will run alongside the current ‘Qualifying Event’ format which we currently use. The idea with a regional qualifying process is that it stimulates the grass roots development of the sport and gets more people involved. Pilots who may not be ready for the pressure of the larger events, but who might feel that placing highly in their local region or even just attending one or two structured races may be an aspiration goal, and a first step on the rung to racing more competitively.

  • The regions within the United Kingdom are enlarged and split into 6 regions (detailed map coming soon)
    1. Scotland
    2. North
    3. Midlands & North Wales
    4. South West & South Wales
    5. South East
    6. Northern Ireland
  • Each region must have at least 5 races which can be a mixture of ‘National Qualifying Events’ and ‘Regional Qualifying Events’.
  • Points earned as a BDRA member attending a NQE will go towards both your National Ranking and the Regional Ranking.
  • Points earned as a BDRA member attending a ‘RQE’ will go to your regional ranking.
  • Each region can have multiple ‘Regional Series’ by different organisers, the minimum amount of races in a series is 3.
  • There is no requirement for a ‘Regional Series’ application to be submitted by the 1st March 2019 as previously stated.
  • Regional Series ‘Finals’ may apply for NQE Status if they meet all necessary requirements.
  • NQE’s require a minimum of 30 pilots where as an RQE’s race only requires 24 pilots.
  • The total amount of ‘British Championship’ positions awarded to a region are determined by both the amount of series races and the amount of QE races that are held in that region.
  • We propose 1x BC position for each series race and 2x BC position for each QE that is ran in the Region with a maximum of 8 positions per region being awarded for 2019.
  • Once British Championship positions have been awarded to the top regional pilots the remaining spots (Estimated 30) will be awarded to the top pilots on the national leaderboard.
  • Non members (who attend NQE’s) will NOT appear on the national leaderboard.
  • All competitors will appear on the regional leaderboard but only BDRA members will be allocated positions at the end of year ‘British Championship’

It may sound like a lot to take in initially but its pretty straight forward, if you race at at a NQE or RQE then it automatically goes towards your points for that region and gives you the opportunity to qualify for a spot at the British Championship at regional level. As previously any NQE races you attend anywhere in the country will go towards your national points score and again give you the opportunity to be invited to the British Championship should you rank high enough. We will be publishing both the regional and the national leaderboards on the BDRA website, you will also find them on IFPV once the season starts.


  1. What happens if I qualify on both regional and national leaderboards?
    Your regional ranking is used. The BC position you earned at national level would go to the next pilot on the national list.
  2. What if my region doesn’t have the minimum 5 races required for a ‘Regional Series’?
    There would be no BC positions awarded for your region however any NQE races held in your region still earn pilots points on the national leaderboard
  3. What if I become a BDRA member after I have already completed some race events?
    Only races you competed in after you become a member will earn you points on national leaderboard. On the regional leaderboard there will be a column for all results from all competitors (both members and non members) and a 2nd column for points gained since you became a member.
  4. Why is this change happening when you have already reviewed the rules for 2019?
    After having several application for regional series from different organisers we looked into the rules a little closer and realised that they needed to be more inclusive regarding regions, the old rules gave exclusivity to the organiser who applied early and locked out anyone wanting to apply after 1st March. We understand that not everything can be planned 6 or even 12 months in advance. The new rules give more flexibility for different race organisers in a region to all contribute to that regions qualifying process, also reducing the minimum amount of series races to 3 from 5 for a single organiser should encourage more organisers to get involved in ‘Regional Series’.**Map for illustration only, an accurate regional map will be issued soon.


Voting On The Constitution

by Benjamin Blackburn

Dont forget the EGM is scheduled for 18th November 2019 at 8pm which is just 1 week today. The EGM will be held online, the BFPVRA will broadcast a video conference call and will be accepting interaction from you via Discord & Facebook. Full details on the how to participate in the EGM will be coming over the next few days.

However if you cannot participate in the EGM but still want your say then you have an opportunity to vote for or against the new proposed constitution. If you wish to vote please format your email as per the example below and send to chairman@bfpvra.org before 12:00 midday on Sunday 18th November 2019

I <Your Name>, BFPVRA member number <Your Number> wish to vote <FOR/AGAINST> the proposed changes to the constitution.

You can find the new proposed constitution here and the current constitution can be found here.

This vote is regarding the constitution only, we are happy to discuss and answer any questions at the EGM.

An Interview With Richard Bloxam of Delta Hawks

by Benjamin Blackburn

By Chris Morley


Drone racing clubs are the lifeblood of the hobby. They bring pilots together and they sharpen their skills and play host to the phenomenon that is drone racing. This is the first in a series of interviews by BFPVRA with the people behind the clubs and our hobby. What better place to start than the Delta Hawks club and Mr Richard Bloxam.  

BFPVRA: “Delta Hawks has a great reputation. Apart from the name, what makes it so good?”    


Richard Bloxam “Haha, I didn’t realise it was so good! Well when the club started back in 2014 our main objective was to max air time for pilots and that has remained a priority. People want to fly, not watch tracks being repaired. First time pilots fly with us they quickly run out of batteries and the next time they come prepared! But any club is only as good as its members and their ability to get involved. We are lucky to have people like Elliot Naseby and Jon Timms helping to organise the club. On race days everyone gets involved and I’m so grateful for that.”             


BFPVRA “What else makes for a good club?”  


Richard Bloxam: After the members and the stick time, the flying site is key. We are fortunate at Delta Hawks to have access to four good flying sites. We have eight pilots in the air at once and if we need to we can run more pilots on adjacent sites.




BFPVRA: “You have seen a lot of international drone racing. How do the GB pilots compare?


Richard Bloxam: “Our pilots are world class. GB was early to adopt drone racing and our density of population has also helped us to train and compete. Gary Kent won his first event at our first Delta Hawks race back in 2015. Since then Gary has gone on to great things of course and many others have gone on to have success at national and international level.


GB talent certainly shone through when our first BFPVRA international team (Alfie, Chris and Harry) competed at IDSC in Korea this year. They were competing against some teams that had far more experience at international level, but despite this they did great. Proof, if needed, of the talent in the UK.


Photo above Left to right : Harry Plested, Alfie Mitchel, Chris Knight and Richard Bloxam

BFPVRA: “Any observations about the UK club scene in general?”


Richard Bloxam: “We are seeing quite a few clubs springing up now, but I would like to see many more. Some of our Delta Hawks members travel hours to reach us. I’d like to see a club within thirty minutes of everyone!


BFPVRA: Where do you see the hobby heading and is it a hobby or a sport? 


Richard Bloxam: “I would say that it’s a hobby that is growing into a sport. There is the present grass roots racing scene, where most of the spectators are family and friends. That’s the hobby side and it will always have a valued place. But to turn it into a serious sport requires support from commercial organisations that can fund and grow it. We only become attractive to sponsors once we have the audience experience right. Presently, whilst the pilot experience is really exciting, drone racing can be confusing and uninspiring for the spectator. We need to do more to help spectators to follow the action, their favourite pilot or team. We have lots of ideas in the pipeline to assist with this…


BFPVRA: “What else will take things forward?” 


Richard Bloxam: “On line streaming is very important. So if you look at the gaming world, there are millions of viewers watching certain games. Well we can replicate that in drone racing. We have started to Livestream all of our events and hope that this will bring further sponsorship and people wanting to try drone racing.”


BFPVRA: “Yes it’s a real plus that a lot of people in the scene are great with tech. What do you see as some of the challenges for the hobby?” 


Richard Bloxam: “Drone racing must remain inclusive and it must be welcoming regardless of age, background or gender. As more people arrive, that’s something we must continue to work hard on.”


BFPVRA: “That sounds good, but how do we achieve it?”  


Richard Bloxam: “Well at Delta Hawks we have noticed that our practice events are no longer attracting newcomers. We think they feel intimidated by the gap between their ability and that of our regular members. To combat this we are going to commit to having a separate track or practice area dedicated to beginners and less experienced pilots. We will also be offering technical workshops and where possible we will run events with a “club” and “pro” category element.”   


BFPVRA: “That’s a perfect example. Thank you very much for your time Richard. It was very insightful.” 


Richard Bloxam: “You are very welcome.”


If you would like BFPVRA to promote your club and activities then please get in touch via email Chris.Morley@bfpvra.org or contact me on facebook

New Committee Member – Gavin Syme

by Benjamin Blackburn

BFPVRA Role: Scottish Secretary

The BFPVRA would like to welcome Gavin Syme as a new addition to the committee. After a month long process of nominations and votes by the Scottish pilots, we could like to congratulate Gavin who has now joined us in the role of Scottish Secretary.

BFPVRA Responsibilities:  The Scottish Secretary will represent the community in decisions made regarding the rules and regulations for drone racing and encourage and assist race organisers to run events with “Qualifying Event” status with the aim of giving Scottish pilots another route in to the British Championship alongside the Scottish Nationals.

A little bit more about Gavin Syme

I have been messing about with drones since the end of 2016, starting with terrible toys and micro drones to begin learning as I had not been into any flying rc previously, when I finally got a full size mini quad I knew I wanted to get into racing, I have spent a lot of time trying to get the Edinburgh racing community moving and putting on races and have been helping out with the last couple SDRL events (Scottish Nationals). For the future I’m hoping to speak to all the groups of Scottish racers and try bring them together and work together to make a stronger Scottish racing scene.