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We need our members’ vote!

by Karl Eze


An opportunity to hold a high-profile, spectated, media produced, British Championship final in a football stadium has presented itself. The BFPVRA committee is keen that members have their input into a decision that will affect them.

This background info is released here and via email. However, a survey email will go out on Sunday 18th February 2018 at 6pm to all current 2018 BFPVRA members only, to have their say.

This will give anyone who’s membership has currently expired an opportunity to register ahead of the email release. If you miss the initial members email release, the onus will be on you to get in touch with the committee (after registering) and ask it to be email to you.

Voting will close on Wednesday 21st February 2018 at 8am.

The link below gives information about the vote:

Background Information



Pre-release of BFPVRA 2018 Rules

by Karl Eze

Building on last season and the end of the 2017 season questionnaire, please find the links to the pre-release of the 2018 BFPVRA Rules.  These have be split into three volumes:

BFPVRA Members Rules 2018 – Pre-release

BFPVRA Racing and Technical Rules 2018 – Pre-release

BFPVRA Organisers’ Rules 2018 – Pre-release

The BFPVRA Committee is working to improve the organisation, format and structure of UK FPV Racing. The pre-release is an opportunity for the members to have sight of the rules, prior to official publication on Wednesday 31st January 2018.

If any anomalies are found, or any clarification is required on the rules, please e-mail:


We look forward to seeing you for another exciting year of racing.

Karl Eze



BFPVRA Blog – December 17

by Karl Eze

BFPVRA Blog -December 17

This is the first monthly update from the BPFVRA which will give an insight into what we are working on and what is coming up in the UK FPV racing scene.

I am proud to be appointed as the Chairman of the BFPVRA and fortunate to have a very experienced and enthusiastic team supporting its work:

I am sure Richard, Karl and Adam are well known to you, if not I can tell you that they are enthusiastic and full of ideas.  My job is to build a team both within the committee and wider community that can support our work as we grow.  We are all firmly focused on growing the sport at the grass roots level, to find ways to introduce people into FPV racing and to help our affiliated clubs to grow.  We want more clubs to be able to run British Championship qualifying events and we will be looking for ways in which we can support clubs that wish to run qualifying events.

Myself and the new committee are working hard to re-shape the BFPVRA to deliver more for its members.  There is a surprising amount of work that goes unseen, but this can sometimes be a distraction from what we are here to do, quite simply to deliver a vibrant and exciting FPV racing scene in the UK.

We have set the following priorities since the new committee was appointed:

As part of this process we have deployed a member questionnaire which attracted 48 responses, the results can be seen here:

Questionnaire Results

We will use the results as a basis for any changes that we make.  The revised 2018 ruleset will be published in January 2018 ready for the new season.  We feel it is important that the rules are out well before the season starts in the spring of 2018.

If you have any feedback, ideas or offers to help us, please let myself or one of the committee members know.

Richard Bloxam

On behalf of BFPVRA

BFPVRA Members’ Questionnaire Results

by Karl Eze

The results to the BFPVRA members’ questionnaire can be found here.

A full table of the results can be found here.

The results will inform and assist changes to the BFPVRA for the coming season.


Congratulations to our prize draw winners; Jae Turner and Steve Rhodes, for winning one

year’s membership to the BFPVRA.

BFPVRA Member Consultation

by Karl Eze

The BFPVRA Committee has released a post-season

questionnaire to its members. The questionnaire aims

to engage with the membership to improve British Drone

Racing ahead of another exciting season in 2018.


Emails have been sent directly to members.

Eric Li-Koo appointed as BFPVRA Technical Director

by Karl Eze


The BFPVRA commitee are pleased to announce that Eric Li-Koo will

continue in the role of Technical Director.


Eric has been instrumental in the establishment and growth of FPV racing

in the UK.  His experience will help the newly formed BFPVRA committee

to ensure that any proposed rule changes benefit the FPV racing community.


As a new committee, we will be taking a ‘hands on’ approach to the 2017

member consultation and drafting of the 2018 rule set. Eric’s role will be to

challenge any changes that are proposed, to ensure that the final rules are

both clear and in the best interests of ensuring both fair and enjoyable racing.

1st FAI World Drone Racing Championships 2018 awarded to Shenzhen

by Karl Eze

The Chinese delegate Yang Zhuogue accepting the selection of Shenzhen, China as the hosts of the 1st FAI World Drone Racing Championships from FAI President Frits Brink. Photograph Credit FAI/ Marcus King.

The 111th FAI General Conference took place in Lausanne, Switzerland this week.  The FAI, the World Air Sports Federation that is the international governing body for Drone Racing, has awarded the 1st World Drone Racing Champions to Shenzhen, China for November 2018.

The BFPVRA look forward to liaising with the FAI to ensure that the British FPV Community is represented at the event.  More information will be released, including the qualifying criteria.  Watch this space.

A New BFPVRA Committee

by Karl Eze

Following the BFPVRA Annual General Meeting held at BMFA Buckminster on Saturday the 21st October 2017,  a new committee have been voted in:

Chairman – Richard Bloxam

Secretary – Karl Eze

Treasurer – Richard Rowland

Membership Secretary – Adam Mackrory

Richard Bloxam and Karl Eze, both of whom competed in this year’s British Championship are new into the BFPVRA committee, with Richard Rowland staying on as Treasurer and Adam Mackrory formalising his role within the organisation. Additional supporting positions will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

The new committee members would like to take the opportunity to thank their predecessors and the association’s membership.  Through the hard work that has gone into the association and community from all those who participate, the British FPV community continues to be a vibrant and innovative scene; supporting some of the best drone racing talent in the world.

Now looking forward to the next year of racing, once bedded in the committee will articulate their vision.   Over the next month there will be a period of consultation with the membership in several key areas, that will assist in shaping the core business of the BFPVRA; providing first rate grassroots FPV racing.  Additionally, the sport will continue to grow, the committee will assure that British Racing is at the forefront of the international community.

Watch this space for a meet and greet with the new team.

Luke Bannister wins the British Championships

by Karl Eze

Richard Rowland (BFPVRA) presenting the winner’s trophy to Luke Bannister; photograph courtesy of Julian Whitfield.

The British FPV Racing Association hosted the British Championships at BMFA Buckminster on the 21st and 22nd of October 2017.  60 competitors from across the United Kingdom raced in testing condition, to vie for the British Drone Racing crown.  The culmination of this years racing season, that has seen over one hundred of the top FPV racers qualify from multiple BFPVRA qualifying events up and down the nation. FPV racing is going from strength to strength and the quality and skill of the competitors continues to improve.

Following two days of qualifying that seeded competitors into ten finals of six racers, Luke Bannister (BanniUK) won the British Championships for the second year.  Congratulations to him on an outstanding performance; with a further congratulations to Leo Whitfield (LeoFPV) for attaining second place and Lee Underwood (FPV Lee) for third place.

To follow more of the event, check out the BFPVRA Official Facebook Page; the detailed breakdown of results and final standings.