2nd Notice of Annual General Meeting

Dear BDRA Member,

We request you read the following notice and RSVP to confirm if you will be attending the AGM.

Contents of this notice:

– Announcement
– Agenda
– Election


The British Drone Racing Association will be holding its Annual General Meeting online on Sunday 20th October 2019, starting at 19:00 BST The AGM is open to BDRA members only.


– Welcome and introduction
– Review/accept the minutes of the previous AGM
– Financial Report
– Proposals presented to Committee for inclusion at the AGM
– Membership fees
– Election of Central Council members
– Close
– Q&A with the Committee


Please RSVP to secretary@bdra.uk and let us know if you are attending as we will need to advise each participant with instructions for joining the online meeting. The committee will broadcast a live video with participation from members using the discord webpage or software application.

RSVP Template:

I, [name here],  will be attending the AGM on the 20th October 2019.

Election of Central Council members

There have been no nominations for the positions of Chairman and Membership Secretary. Since both of the elected Central Council positions are now uncontested, the only vote requested on the day will be to accept each candidate or to re-open nominations.


Julian Whitfield
BDRA Secretary