Race Points Hull Rivals QE

Here are the official results for the first race in the northern region that was hosted in Hull on the 14th April. Congratulations to Brett Collis on 1st place, Harry Holmes on 2nd and Saul Irving on 3rd place. These pilots not only qualified in this order but also completed the ‘A’ Final in the same positions.

This race was both a North regional and a national ‘British Championship Qualifying Event’ so points earned as a member of the BDRA will go to both leaderboards. These are the points awarded and the points system is based on your QUALIFYING position, if you are greyed out you were not a member of the BDRA at the time of the event.

We have now had 2 ‘national’ classed events and congrats to Brett Collis on moving up to the number 1 position with his combined points from both races. The national leaderboard will be updated at some point today.