BFPVRA Blog – December 17

BFPVRA Blog -December 17

This is the first monthly update from the BPFVRA which will give an insight into what we are working on and what is coming up in the UK FPV racing scene.

I am proud to be appointed as the Chairman of the BFPVRA and fortunate to have a very experienced and enthusiastic team supporting its work:

I am sure Richard, Karl and Adam are well known to you, if not I can tell you that they are enthusiastic and full of ideas.  My job is to build a team both within the committee and wider community that can support our work as we grow.  We are all firmly focused on growing the sport at the grass roots level, to find ways to introduce people into FPV racing and to help our affiliated clubs to grow.  We want more clubs to be able to run British Championship qualifying events and we will be looking for ways in which we can support clubs that wish to run qualifying events.

Myself and the new committee are working hard to re-shape the BFPVRA to deliver more for its members.  There is a surprising amount of work that goes unseen, but this can sometimes be a distraction from what we are here to do, quite simply to deliver a vibrant and exciting FPV racing scene in the UK.

We have set the following priorities since the new committee was appointed:

As part of this process we have deployed a member questionnaire which attracted 48 responses, the results can be seen here:

Questionnaire Results

We will use the results as a basis for any changes that we make.  The revised 2018 ruleset will be published in January 2018 ready for the new season.  We feel it is important that the rules are out well before the season starts in the spring of 2018.

If you have any feedback, ideas or offers to help us, please let myself or one of the committee members know.

Richard Bloxam

On behalf of BFPVRA